Insta-Friday #151

My week in iPhone photos and video.

Pug Socks I got these pug socks forever ago at Michael’s and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve actually worn them!

Pit Bull on a BenchSince my dogs can’t walk very far (more on that later) I borrowed one of my mom’s dogs to take a nice long walk. We took a short break on Main Street.

Pug Pillow PileEver since it started getting cooler at night Pug has been obsessed with cuddling into my pillows. He already hogs the bed I at least want my pillows to be pug butt free!

FURminator AftermathIf you can believe it this was day 2 with the FURminator. I got an even bigger pile of hair the day before but it was windy so I didn’t have a nice pile to photograph. It never stops!

Lazy Pug Won't WalkI didn’t want to leave my dogs out completely so I attempted to take them on a very short walk. We’d only gone a couple of blocks when we had to take our first break.

I didn’t think we were ever going to make it back home!

Cookie DoughDoes anyone else make an entire batch of cookies just so they can stuff themselves on raw cookie dough? I don’t even really like chocolate chip cookies that much but I eat the dough until I’m sick.