Owl Fest at Treehouse Wildlife Center

This weekend I visited Treehouse Wildlife Center for the first time. My friend recently started volunteering for them and her pictures are always adorable, so I was really excited when I saw they had an open house coming up. Treehouse is located in Dow, Illinois (near Grafton) which as you might expect is in the middle of nowhere. That said, it’s a nice drive especially right now with the leaves changing color.

Turkey VultureTreehouse focuses on rescuing and rehabbing native wildlife, but some animals become permanent residents and are used for community outreach and education. Einstein the turkey vulture is one such bird. She imprinted on a human who had planned to keep her as a pet (in case you were wondering, that’s not a good idea). Since she identifies more with humans than birds, she can’t be released back into the wild.

Turkey Vulture Selfie Treehouse Wildlife CenterShe also likes to pose for photos!

Immature Bald Eagle Treehouse Wildlife CenterThese are approximately 1-year-old bald eagles. I was told they would get their signature coloring around age five. These eagles are in the flight cage where they are rehabbing and will eventually be released.

American Bald Eagles Treehouse Wildlife CenterAmerican Bald Eagle Treehouse Wildlife CenterThese adult bald eagles are permanent residents due to injury. Two flew into power lines and one was shot in the wing. Photos never do them justice, they’re incredible up close and in person!

Pygmy Owl Treehouse Wildlife CenterPygmy Owl.

Barn Owl Treehouse Wildlife CenterCasper the Barn owl.

Barred Owl Treehouse Wildlife CenterChili the Barred Owl

Ameriacn Kestrel Treehouse Wildlife CenterThis is Phoenix a female American Kestrel. She was one of the smaller birds but she had major ‘tude.

Ameriacn Kestrel Treehouse Wildlife Center Ameriacn Kestrel Treehouse Wildlife CenterRed Tailed Hawk Treehouse Wildllife CenterCasey the red-shouldered hawk’s side-eye was intense.

Coyote Treehouse Wildlife CenterThe coyote picture is blurred because it never stopped pacing the entire time I was there. The extra crowds obviously made it anxious so I tried not to hang around too long.

Red Fox Treehouse Wildlife CenterI was looking at a red fox in the enclosure on the right when someone from across the way told me to look up. Can you see him watching me from up top?

Red Fox Treehouse Wildlife CenterThis little guy (or girl) was super curious and seemingly loving the attention. The enclosure it’s in is normally used for bobcats which is why it has multi-levels.

If you’re in the southern Illinois area and want to learn more about Treehouse Wildlife Center check out their website or follow them on Facebook.

I’ll end with this panoramic photo I took on the drive home, just because I’m very pleased with it!

Southern Illinois Fall Foliage Panorama