Tasty Candy Corn Treats for National Candy Corn Day 2015

Tasty Candy Corn Treats for National Candy Corn DayOctober 30 is National Candy Corn day and every year I compile a list of awesome treats to celebrate. Candy corn is divisive so I include both recipes that taste like candy corn and recipes that only look like candy corn. If you need even more candy corn goodies you can check out my lists from 2014 and 2013!

Deep Fried Candy Cornsource: Spicy Southern Kitchen

Stop the presses. I thought I had heard of just about every deep-fried item imaginable thanks to state fairs trying to outdo each other. But deep-fried candy corn? I have a feeling I would destroy the kitchen attempting to make this but it would be so worth it.


Candy Corn Buckeyessource: Or so she says…

Somehow I’ve never tried a buckeye before, but I feel confident that they are delicious because peanut butter. These buckeyes add candy corn to the mix for a festive fall twist.


Candy Corn Bundt Cakesource: Mom Foodie

If you hate candy corn don’t turn back just yet! This candy corn bundt cake is inspired by the colors but with none of the flavor. I love cakes like this that are even prettier on the inside.


Jiggly Jello Candy Cornssource: Self Proclaimed Foodie

I’ve seen many variations of layered Jello in candy corn colors over the years. But this recipe is genius for molding the jello in cone-shaped paper cups for the perfect candy corn shape. Plus, she mentions that some of the water in the recipe can be replaced with vodka for the adults. Spiked Jello candy corns? Yes, please!


Butterfinger Fudgesource: Gal on a Mission

Much like candy corn itself, this Butterfinger fudge sounds like the type of dessert I would keep coming back to until I made myself sick.


Candy Corn Dipped Oreo Cookie Ballssource: Belle of the Kitchen

Simple but festive, these classic Oreo cookie balls are decorated in candy corn colors and perfect for the candy corn haters.


Candy Corn Oreo Trufflessource: Shugary Sweets

And these Candy Corn Oreo Truffles are the alternative for the candy corn lovers!


Candy Corn Rice Crispy Treatssource: Pint Sized Treasures

While I personally find Indian corn far inferior to candy corn, I’m willing to make an exception for these chocolate dipped rice crispy treats.


Candy Corn Chocolate Cookie Cakesource: Life Love and Sugar

This cookie cake is a total sugar bomb but there are certain times I could definitely appreciate it.


Candy Corn Punchsource: High Heels and Grills

If you’ve ever used Pinterest you’ve probably seen the layered drinks for the 4th of July in red, white and blue. This candy corn punch uses the same technique and looks like the perfect drink to wash down all these candy corn treats.


Candy Corn Moonshinesource: Mix That Drink

Unless you need something with a bit more kick, in which case there is candy corn moonshine.