Healthy Poops make Happy Pugs #BootTheScoot

Ah pugs. They’re truly wonderful creatures. But they come with a few disgusting habits. Lots of snot, sneezes and occasionally a surprise of the anal gland variety.

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glandexlogoDo you ever catch your dog doing the dreaded butt scoot across your floor? This is often a symptom of anal gland problems! Now, Pug isn’t a scooter but we dealt with a much worse symptom. He’d randomly express his glands. He was a ticking anal gland bomb!

After hastily changing my sheets after a leaking accident for the umpteenth time, I searched online and learned how to express his glands myself. I did this almost weekly to avoid surprises. This worked, but it wasn’t fun for either of us (boy is that an understatement), and expressing a dog’s anal glands too often can irritate them.

Glandex Soft Chews

Given our background, I was hopeful that Glandex® could eliminate the need for manual gland expression. Glandex helps support healthy anal glands from the inside out with fiber, natural anti-inflammatories, probiotics and digestive enzymes (dang, maybe I should take Glandex).

Glandex Soft Chews

I chose the Glandex soft chews for convenience and so Pug would think he was getting a bonus treat each day. My first reaction was that they smelled really good. Not “good for a dog treat” good, but actually delicious and peanut buttery! Pug was a big fan and would get really excited for his nightly treat.

Pug Glandex Chew

Within a few days I noticed Pug’s poop had gotten firmer and smaller (yes, I followed around and watched – I am a dedicated reviewer). And since he was already on a good quality food I thought his poop was quite healthy to begin with.

Pug's Glandex Anal Gland Journal Because I wanted to test to be sure the Glandex was working I ceased manually expressing Pug’s anal glands for the duration of this test. I was glad to not do it but also nervous!

Pug Glandex Chew

At this point we’ve been using the Glandex supplements for over 6 weeks and Pug has had zero spontaneous anal gland leaks. For us, it’s been a great success and the first thing to work besides manually expressing. I really thought Pug’s poop was perfectly healthy before, but Glandex made the difference.

I also like that it tackles the issue in a few different ways. There is no need for a separate fiber supplement or pumpkin, probiotic or digestive enzymes. When I worked at the pet store I sold tons of the aforementioned products but Glandex has them all in one.

If you’ve ever dealt with a “leaky butt” or the dreaded scoot, Glandex is a must try! You can connect with Glandex on their Facebook page, or head straight to their website if you’re ready to make a purchase.