Insta-Friday #153

It’s been a long time since I’ve done my weekly InstaFriday posts, so let’s catch up shall we? My life in iPhone photos and video from the past several weeks.

Pug with a pug face shirtI got to visit my pug friends, including my best girl Luna, so I had to wear my finest pug gear.

The Mighty Morphin Pug Rangers attended Howl-o-Ween fest.

Turkey Vulture SelfieI attended Owl Fest at Treehouse Wildlife Rescue and did a whole post about it here.  

Pug invades personal spaceAs always, I had Pug invading my personal space.  

Enjoying clementines.

Pug got into the trash When Pug is mad at me for leaving this is how he shows his displeasure. He doesn’t eat any of the trash, he just spreads it around the room for me.

Pug GlareOverly dramatic Pug throwing some serious shade.

Big HairI’m extremely overdue for a haircut and my hair is out of control. I am convinced I was meant to live in the south because my hair’s natural state is BIG.

Pug's Gotcha Day Polo and tieOn Thanksgiving we celebrated Pug’s 7th Pugversary. You can read the story of how Pug came to us here.

Dogs Eating Pumpkin PiesAnd naturally we celebrated with mini pumpkin pies for dogs (click for recipe).


Some puggy is going to find himself on the naughty list this year!