Insta-Friday #154

My week in iPhone photos and videos. Follow me on social media (This Pug Life everywhere) for more updates throughout the week!

Pug MailGetting our pug mail ready. We are swapping cards with several of our online pug friends this year which is quite exciting!

I spend way too much time in public yelling about poop…but Pug will not go unless I tell him to. He’ll hold it until it’s literally falling out!

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On our way to see Santa at Petco Pug was acting a fool as usual. Clearly he wasn’t worried about ending up on the naughty list.

Pug and Molly visit Santa at Petco

Once there both dogs were on their best behavior. Molly wore that Santa hat for several minutes, I couldn’t believe it! You can see all the Santa pics here.

I took groceries to my grandma the other day and when I got out of my car I heard a lot of leaves rustling. Upon further inspection I came upon and subsequently chased off these chickens… my grandma doesn’t own chickens!

Pug Popcorn FacePug goes crazy-eyed for popcorn.

Pug flea bath with woof poufPug rarely ever gets a flea and he hasn’t had one all year. Somehow he ended up with them in the middle of December! Luckily I had this Woof Pouf on hand from my BlogPaws Conference bag. It’s actually a really cool product that uses essential oils to repel fleas and ticks.

And since I knew he’d want to jump right back into my bed he had to face his greatest enemy – the blow dryer.