Pug and Molly Visit Santa

This weekend Pug and Molly made the journey to our local Petco to visit the big man himself. Our last visit with Santa was all the way back in 2009, so we had some catching up to do. 

Pug made friends while waiting in line for SantaWe got in line and started making friends.

Petco Pictures with Santa Dog Refusing to MoveThis big fella decided he needed to rest up before he got his picture taken. I even tried to help get him up and he wasn’t having it.

Pug Sitting on Santa's LapDid you tell him about the garbage can incident?

Pug and Molly Picture with SantaThe Petco staff was having technical difficulty with the previous person’s photos so Pug and Molly sat posed for several minutes with no photographer. That was fine since it meant I had time to take my own pics too!

Pug and Molly Picture with SantaI can’t believe Molly wore the Santa hat the whole time. The benefits of your dogs getting older I guess!