Insta-Friday #155

Let’s recap the holidays through my iPhone photos and video!

Pug Christmas Shirt ID PictureI had to go to the DMV on my birthday to renew my driver’s license. I also had to wear the Christmas pug shirt I had received that morning. I swear the guy zoomed in extra on my face…

Birthday Cupcake Newborn Baby

Um, oh yeah. This also happened on my birthday.

After months of telling my BFF she better hold that kid in until after the 18th (her due date was 12/23), you can imagine my surprise when I got a text late the night before that her water had just broken.

I am so not a baby person. Cute baby tries to coo at me in line at the grocery store? I’ll suddenly become interested in a soap opera tabloid. But this perfect little bundle thawed my cold icy heart and I am so happy to be her honorary aunt and even share my birthday.

Pug ain’t about the Mob Wives life.

Pug and Pug PillowOne of my birthday gifts from my BFF. The only problem is Pug thinks it’s a toy!

Grumpy Pug FaceIt took a lot of shots, a lot of coaxing and maybe a little swearing to finally get our Christmas portraits done. At this point we were both extremely over it.

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Opening presents at grandma’s! The trick to getting Pug to rip the paper is to wrap a loose treat or two inside. In the case of the Whimzees, I pre-opened the bag just a bit so the smell would come out.

Christmas Picture Pug and Shepherd Just strangling my dogs in order to make them take a picture with me on Christmas.

Rural Illinois Midwest SunsetThe weather definitely did not feel like Christmas this year. But at least I caught a gorgeous sunset on the way home from grandma’s.

Not Your Father's Root Beer FloatGrownup root beer floats are a definite yes.

Pug in Santa PajamasThis right here is why you never walk past a clearance section without taking a look. Four bucks at CVS!

Pug butt in my faceI’ve been feeling crummy and having a lot of pain. Which means more time in bed. Which means more pug butt ALL up in my business.

New Year's Eve Pug Snapchat StoryRinging in 2016 with my little man.

Franklin Covey Faux Filofax planner setup for 2016A new year means a new planner. Or freshly printed inserts in my case. You can print my simple planner inserts for Franklin Covey Compact or Filofax here.