Insta-Friday #156

My week in iPhone photos.

Snapchat QR CodeIt appears I’ve been a bit quiet on my usual social media channels this week, but posted more on Snapchat. Make sure you follow me there so you don’t miss out on any goofy pug videos!

Second Day Curls Remington Curling Wand

I finally bought one of the Remington Curling Wands all the girls on YouTube rave about. I honestly didn’t believe it could be that good. Well I was wrong. Despite having naturally wavy hair I could not get a curl to hold for more than half an hour. The picture above is second day hair and was brushed through several times. I’m sold. Look for it to show up in my next Monthly Obsessions post!

Newborn Photoshoot Setup with Stuffed Broccoli

You may recall from last week’s InstaFriday that my best friend had her baby on my birthday, December 18th. She didn’t have an official newborn photographer scheduled so I offered to try to take some for her. Whew… I have a whole new respect for newborn photographers let me tell you!

I took just over 300 photos and maybe 10% were usable. And that’s including a few crying/pouting faces that I thought were cute enough to make the cut. Throwing out all the pictures where baby is crying, scowling, or flailing would severely reduce that percentage.

I know they say the hardest subjects are kids and dogs but having tried both I will choose dogs any day!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day Pug Collage

Confession: I was too lazy to pick an outfit for Pug to wear on National Dress Up Your Pet Day, so I cheated and posted a collage of some of his recent outfits/costumes.