Insta-Friday #158

My week in iPhone photos and video.

Sleepy PugSleepy little Pug. Always sleeping.

Foam Board and MarkersThe humble beginnings of Pug’s Mardi Gras Beggin’ Pet Parade costume/ride. A couple foam boards and packs of markers from Dollar Tree.

Pug Eating Blue Buffalo Savory SizzlersTaste-testing some new Blue Buffalo bacon treats. Nom!

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I’m pretty sure Pug has gone 7 years without ever eating a napkin. But apparently this particular napkin was too delicious to resist.

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The supplies above, plus a roll of crepe paper and a fire pug all came together to create THIS.

Pug and Me Beggin' Pet ParadeYou can see all of the photos and video from this year’s Beggin’ Pet Parade here and here.

Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Dough

Ben & Jerry’s plus election results. A perfect night for a political nerd!

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My little turtle, stuck on his back. Reminds me of me when I eat too much at dinner.