Insta-Friday #160

My week(s) in iPhone photos and video.

Brussels Ferry IllinoisTaking the Brussels Ferry while Eagle watching. I did a full post about our adventures here.

Pug Pet Steps Everyone was making cute Leap Day posts but Pug hasn’t leaped since he got a set of pet steps! That’s a young pugs game.

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Pug is not normally a beggar because he knows better – mama is stingy with her food and doesn’t share. The exception being Cuties. I let him try them one time and created a Cutie monster. He’ll practically snatch them out of my hand.

Great Dane DeadPool Loot Pets ShirtI tried to have my mom’s Great Dane Alexa model Pug’s latest Loot Pets shirt. It didn’t quite work.

Pug Delivery Pug must think the Fedex man is magical when a box of food appears on the porch. Having no shame, he climbed right in. We’ll be reviewing this Tiki Dog food later in the month.

Weird PugThis dog. I wish I knew what went through his head sometimes. This bag of cat stuff, including some no-sew blankets I made, have been sitting on the floor for months waiting for me to take it to the shelter.
The other night, suddenly Pug got up out of bed, walked across the room, across his dog bed, and started digging the blankets out of this bag and building himself a nest. I was yelling at him to stop but he was determined. I finally got his attention and told him to come back to bed. Suddenly he forgot about the blankets. He was back in bed and snoring minutes later. What the H dude?