Insta-Friday #161

My week(s) in iPhone photos and video. Let’s recap!

Pug Sniffing My EyeballAmong Pug’s many strange habits is eyeball sniffing. When I’m really lucky he follows it up with a giant sneeze to the face.

Yum, yum! Pug shared my free cone from Dairy Queen. You can check out more pics and watch a longer video here.

Voted Sticker and Polling Place American Flag

This was an especially exciting election day for me. It’s the first time since I’ve been voting that the Illinois Primary actually mattered! Usually by the time our primary rolls around the candidate is all but decided.

Pug with I Voted Sticker on his head

Pug joined in the fun too. I’m told not everyone gets a sticker when they vote and that just astounds me. I would be so mad if I didn’t get my sticker!

Pug March Madness Final Four Bracket

With Pug’s assistance we filled out our #PugChat March Madness bracket. I’ve never watched college basketball and have never paid attention to March Madness, but our little PugChat competition is a lot of fun! The first year we even won third place!

We are looking pretty good this year although we got almost it all wrong in the Midwest bracket. The upset against Michigan State busted our bracket since we had them going to the final two. Luckily, almost everyone else made the same mistake!

 Hound Dog Wearing Diaper

Tia Maria is my mom’s little Panda Dog that could. The Panda Program at Stray Rescue is kind of like a hospice program for dogs. It’s goal is to get terminally ill dogs into a home to live out their final days.

Tia was considered a Panda dog because of her birth defects that caused one kidney to basically die, with the next one bound to go at any time. It’s also why she wears a diaper.

She’s made it far longer than any of the vets expected and when I took her to her kidney checkup last week they said everything looked great.

Lazy Pug Under Blanket

Pug treats lazy Sunday’s like an Olympic sport.

A video posted by Andrea (@thispuglife) on

One of the risks of trying to take video while you bathe your dog in the sink – they might escape! For a brief second I had a wet pug running across the kitchen counter.

Merrick Easter Brunch French Bulldog Puppy

I was driving past a Petco the other day when I remembered that Merrick had come out with a special edition Easter Brunch food and I didn’t have any! I swung in and it was great timing, because I met the cutest little baby Frenchie in line.

Crochet Bunny Baby Shows for Easer

I did a 3 month/Easter photo shoot for my birthday twin yesterday. Boy what a difference a few months make! I did a newborn shoot for her back in January and it was absolute insanity. I think I got less than 10% usable photos out of several hundred shots.

Now I’ve got the opposite problem. I took so many photos and I don’t need dozens of the same exact pose! Still, I’ll take that over the incessant screaming any day.