Monthly Obsessions: February 2016

It’s my first monthly obsessions post for 2016! I’m so excited to share some new finds with you all. Let’s get right into it.

Remington Ceramic 1/2 inch Curling Wand

I first saw this unassuming Remington Curling Wand on YouTube several years ago. After Christmas I had an Amazon gift card to spend and finally picked one up. I did look at some more expensive models but the reviews on this $20 Remington seemed to be the best, and it’s the #1 selling curling wand according on Amazon.

After using it the first time I couldn’t believe I had waited so freaking long. One: it cuts curling time in half. I wouldn’t think not using a clamp would shave off so much time, but it does. Two: I have naturally wavy hair and yet when I curl my hair normally they fall quickly. I never dreamed this curling wand could be that much better even with the great reviews. Well, I was proved wrong. With this magic little wand not only do my curls last all day I am able to rock second day curls as well. Unheard of!

Second Day Curls Remington Curling Wand

The picture above was taken 24+ hours after curling and my hair had been thoroughly brushed through several times.

The only downside (and it’s pretty minor) is that the heat-resistant glove they give you is basically just a cotton winter glove. At some point I will pick up a better one because unlike a lot of people who say they don’t bother to use the glove at all, I burn my fingers regularly.

Buteo Bunker Leather Journal Cover Faux Midori Traveler's Notebook

Back in 2014 I discovered the planner community and a popular item within that community is the Midori Traveler’s Notebook. I was intrigued by the concept because I like to keep a small journal or notebook with me at all times to jot down blog ideas. But, the real Midori is not cheap and neither are their notebooks which are a custom size. I researched a lot of different Etsy sellers for a “fauxdori” that would hold standard sized notebooks and eventually was pointed to Buteo Bunker by MissVickyBee on YouTube.

Buteo Bunker had the simple style I was looking for at a more affordable price. Even better, they often offer “bottom of the barrel” journals which are journals that have small flaws at a discounted price. Since this type of journal is meant to get beat up over time anyway, I had no problem with a “flawed” piece. I picked this personal size journal up for a steal and I am absolutely in love with it. I never did figure out what the flaw exactly was!

Buteo Bunker Leather Journal Cover Faux Midori Traveler's Notebook

It fits 4 notebooks comfortably. Buteo Bunker sent me one of theirs free of charge, and I got a 3-pack of Moleskine Cahier journals for the price of one Midori refill.

Cuties Mandarin Oranges

Normally I include a dog treat or food in my monthly obsessions but I didn’t have a standout recently. However, one of my favorite food items lately is one I share with Pug – Cuties mandarins. I eat them 2-3 at a time, any time of day.

And I’m usually forced to share with Pug because years ago I let him try a piece and now he knows what’s up. He is not a food beggar usually because he knows I don’t share (mean mom) but when the Cuties come out he’s all over it.

Nivea In Shower Moisturizer

I’m going to sound melodramatic here but please believe me when I tell you that Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion has changed my life.

During the dry winter after a hot shower my skin gets uncomfortably itchy if I don’t moisturize, especially if I shave. But, I have a weird sensory issue with applying lotion and then immediately putting on clothes. It gives me the heebiest of jeebies. I’m making myself uncomfortable just thinking about it!

So I either have to be itchy or put lotion on and then stand around freezing until it’s absorbed enough that I can stand to put on clothing. Not fun in the cold.

But no more! Now I use the Nivea lotion in the shower, rinse it off, and when I get out my skin feels moisturized and comfortable but without being sticky. I can jump right into my clothes without getting grossed out or scratching myself silly.

Leviathan Awakes
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Last up is a book recommendation. I hadn’t read a whole lot of science fiction in the past although I love sci-fi TV and movies. One of the first that I read was The Expanse series by James Corey. There are currently 5 books in what will be a 9 book series, and I flew through them in quick succession. The story is told from different point of views that switch seamlessly. And I really grew to love the core cast of characters.

I’ve been looking for more and more sci-fi and space operas to read but thus far I haven’t read any that I like quite as much as The Expanse. I’m also told that it’s been turned into a TV series for SyFy.

If you’re a Goodreads user you can follow me there to see what I’m reading any time. Since I tend to read ridiculously fast I gave myself an equally ridiculous 100 book goal for the 2016 reading challenge.

That’s it for this month’s obsessions; is there anything you’ve been particularly loving since the beginning of the new year?
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