Monthly Obsessions: March 2016

I’ve got an eclectic mix this month, with lots of goodies for the planner/stationary/office supply fanatic. Let’s get started!

My Best Friends Sticker Book

I’ve mentioned my love of these Darice sticker books before. But, I have to call out a particular book that I found recently at Michael’s. As an aside, I was shocked and appalled to find they have raised the price from $1 to $1.49. Okay, more like mildly annoyed. It’s still a great deal, but now I can’t justify buying quite so many because “they’re only a dollar”. Moving on…

My Best Pets Sticker Book

So, obviously I had to buy this one for the Pug sticker alone. But it has a ton of useful stickers for my planner. And even if you don’t use a planner, the little paw prints and other icons would be great for the calendar to remind you of vet appointments, grooming, etc.

AviatorsI’ve been wearing the same pair of Coach sunglasses for several years now. I still love them, but I was itching for a change. And seeing several people I watch on YouTube rocking super cute aviators had me obsessing over getting a pair. Unlike a lot of trendy and/or fashionable items, aviators actually work on me.

I couldn’t decide between the classic black on black style or the more colorful mirrored lenses, so I went super cheap and got both via Amazon. They’re not amazing quality but about what I’d expect from say, Target, for half the price.

Target Scented Gel Pens

Have you ever bought those $1 packs of mini gel pens from the Target Dollar Spot? They were really popular in the planner community and I had a couple of packs myself. I had a feeling they wouldn’t work very well (and they didn’t) but they were just so CUTE and cheap.

These gel pens aren’t those. These gel pens are awesome!

Target Scented Gel Pens

They write smoothly and even the light shades show up super pigmented. Even though they’re glitter gel pens the writing manages to be both sparkly and legible. They’re scented but the scent isn’t super noticeable nor does it linger, if that sort of thing bothers you.

Kate Spade Inspired Bow Push Pins from Michael's

I’m a huge fan of Kate Spade stationary and I’ve coveted her bow paperclips for a long time. But, I haven’t been able to talk myself into spending 20 bucks on paperclips. I recently came across this line of stationary and supplies that is obviously heavily inspired by Kate Spade, right down to the packaging and color schemes.

Kate Spade Inspired Bow Push Pins from Michael's

This pack of bow push pins was a much more palatable $4.99. If you like the look of Kate Spade, look out for this collection!

Marked in Fleshimage source: Goodreads

Last but certainly not least is Marked In Flesh by Anne Bishop. I included this series, The Others, in my favorites for all of 2015. The latest book in the series came out last month and after waiting 3 agonizing weeks for the library’s copy I gobbled it up in one day. Book 4 is just as amazing as the rest, but I won’t wax poetic here because I already wrote a lengthy, gushing review over on Goodreads (if you’re a fan of Fantasy/Sci-fi add me over there while you’re at it!).

I just had to add it again because this series quickly became one of my favorite series of life. It’s so, so unique and engrossing.

Do you have anything you’ve been obsessing over lately? I’d love to hear about it!
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