Insta-Friday #170

My week in iPhone photos and video. Follow me on Snapchat (ThisPugLife) for even more shenanigans throughout the week!

Pug Picnic with Baby

National Picnic Day was this week but it was way too hot to participate. So I had to use an old photo from my Earth Day picnic with pug and the baby.

Father's Day Grandpa Pic

A pic of me and my best bud, my PaPa. I was definitely missing him this Father’s Day.

Stray Cat Adopted Me

This little boy has been hanging around the house for several weeks. Of course I had to make sure he had food and water. I went out to give him some ice water since it’s been so hot, and rather than running away he started rubbing on my legs and let me pet him for the first time!

Baby Birds
Some other temporary guests. Mama bird built her nest behind a fence post and when I stuck my phone in to check it out, the babies thought I was coming to feed them. Unfortunately for them, I’m not big on chewing up worms.

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Honestly, I never totally got the point of the Boomerang app from Instagram. But then I realized that my vintage Cubs bobblehead rescued from my grandma’s attic would be perfect for that style. I also can’t watch it back without making the “boingoingoing” noise in my head.

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I noticed that all three of the original Jurassic Park movies were on Netflix. I know the second and third movie suck, but Jurassic Park is one of my all time favorites, so I wanted to do a rewatch of the whole trilogy. I had the volume cranked up pretty loud but not much disturbs Pug’s slumber. Not even a T-Rex roar. Now if I’d softly crinkled a food package he would have been wide awake in seconds.

Great Dane head out of car window

If you follow me on Snapchat, you’ve probably noticed I have been driving my mom’s Great Dane Alexa around a lot lately. A few weeks ago my mom noticed she had a large, rock hard mass on her right front leg. Our regular vet felt that it was most likely osteosarcoma because of her breed and how and where it was presenting.

They did some X-Rays and we consulted with a specialist in St. Louis. He confirmed our worst fears. Often the first line of treatment for osteosarcoma is amputation, although without chemo in addition that will not prolong their life. Because of her size and the fact that Great Dane’s carry so much of their weight on their front legs, she was not a candidate for amputation.

The specialist also didn’t think she would be a candidate for chemotherapy. So, they expect her to have about 4-months left.

Luckily, she is not showing any symptoms as of yet. She does not favor the leg at all, and she doesn’t act sick at all. We do have to be careful about how much running around she does because she’s at a much higher risk of spontaneous fracture.

Downed Tree Limb
We have a lot of very old, very large trees in our neighborhood. Which means sometimes very large limbs come crashing down. Strangely, this happened in the middle of the night when there were no storms. Not even a breeze.

I heard a loud commotion outside my window and thought “that has to be one FAT racoon tearing something up.” I did not expect what I found!