Printable Avery Label Planner Stickers – Doctor Appointment

Avery Label Planner StickersAs you may know I recently moved into my first MAMBI Happy Planner. I’ve been having a lot of fun figuring out how I want to use it, but that also meant I had to reconfigure some of my old systems. One of my indispensable items was removable and repositionble Avery labels which I color coded with Sharpie.

Since the Happy Planner is larger than my old Franklin Covey dupe, I wanted to take advantage of that space with larger labels. I found that Avery 5430, 3/4″x1 1/2″ were the perfect size for both the monthly squares, or the weekly vertical boxes (This size will still work great for a horizontal planner as well).

Avery Label Planner Stickers2

This label also came with the ability to customize and print them directly on the labels (no more coloring them in with Sharpie!). You can do so by creating and printing straight from the Avery website, or by downloading their Word template.

Having tried it both ways, I found that printing from Word gave me a crisper, higher quality look. Plus, in Word you can change the color of each individual label. I could only figure out how to change the color of the entire sheet on the Avery website.

Rainbow Doctor Appointment Planner Sticker

Personally, since I have so many medical appointments to keep track of, I keep with one consistent color code: purple. I use purple across all my calendars, whether it be my planner, wall calendar or Google calendar. But, I know lots of people like to make everything in a particular week’s spread match.

So, for my printable I’ve started you out with a rainbow sheet, with colors that should match any decor. However, you can edit the colors in the Word file to suit your own needs.

Maybe you want to color code by type of doctor, or color code for each member of your family. Just right-click on the cell you wish to edit and choose your fill color. Make sure to choose “apply to cell” or it will change your entire sheet.
Editing Example

If you’re using the Word file, it’s already set up by Avery and you don’t need to fiddle with your printer settings. Just place your label where you would a 4×6 photo in your printer. You may want to do some practice runs before you put your actual labels through to be safe.

My printer has 4×6 guides built in, which makes it super simple and idiot-proof to position the paper correctly. Yours probably does too, even if you’ve never noticed or used them before.
Loading Paper

Not only is this a cheap and convenient way to make your own planner stickers, the best part of these Avery labels is they are removable and repositionable. This is essential for me, since I have so many medical appointments things are bound to get moved around sometimes.

Printable Word File

If you end up using my printable, I’d love it if you tagged me so I can see them (ThisPugLife everywhere on social media).

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