Insta-Friday #176

My week(s) in iPhone photos and video!

Pug Butt on ShoulderWhy is this his favorite position lately? Half the time I just give up trying to move him somewhere else, because he’s just going to end up back on my shoulder. Butt to face.

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This little boy adopted the right house. He must have been able to spot a sucker from a mile away. I practically run to do his bidding when I see him out on the porch.

Illinois State Fair Butter Cow

The Illinois State Fair’s most famous attraction. 500lbs of butter beautifully sculpted into a dairy cow.

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A little sampling of my State Fair Snapchat story. I was really disturbed to find that the State Fair directors didn’t make a Snapchat geofilter. Get with it!

Pug Pokemon Go Scyther on head

Still playing and loving Pokemon Go. I’m grateful for my foot surgery that’s allowed me to be more active without so much pain and for Pokemon for giving me the motivation!

Cold Pug In a Blanket

We had a brief cold snap and Pug could not handle it.

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I guess it’s fitting that Pug would act naughty with his “anti-hero” themed Loot Pets toy.