Insta-Friday #177

My week(s) in iPhone photos and video.
Pug National Bow Tie Day

Getting WILD on National Bow Tie Day!

Bake Sale Grocery Haul

The bulk of my supplies for my upcoming Strut Your Mutt Bake Sale!

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One of the first items I made was mini pumpkin breads, Pug was all too happy to help with the leftover pumpkin.

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Unfortunately, my plans to start baking early and freezing what items I could didn’t work out exactly as planned. I got hit with a wave of intense fatigue. Oh the joys of chronic illness. It doesn’t care about our timelines.

My local dog bakery made these awesome Pokeball cookies and I since I am obsessed with Pokemon Go, I was super pumped to put together this “Puggemon Go” parody featuring Pugachu!

Pug Costumes vs Sexy Costumes

So, every year I do a roundup of the year’s worst sexy Halloween costumes. And a couple of years ago I did a head-to-head match up between Pug costumes and their sexy counterparts. It makes for some interesting search terms leading to my blog this time of year!