Candy Corn Treats for National Candy Corn Day 2016

Candy Corn Day RecipesEvery year I do a roundup of candy corn treats ahead of National Candy Corn Day, and every year I’m pleasantly surprised at the depth of creativity I find. I always think the fount of candy corn treats will run dry and every year I find so many awesome creations to feature! As always I’ve chosen a mix of candy corn flavored items and those that just look like candy corn.

Candy Corn Donuts
image source: Chez CateyLou

You can start Candy Corn Day bright and early with these baked donuts from Chez CateyLou. This icing technique will take three times as long but is 100% worth it.

Candy Corn Bundt Cake with candy corn glaze
image source: A Baker’s House

I’ve seen candy corn colored bundt cake before but this one from A Baker’s House features a candy corn glaze. So, if you don’t like candy corn flavor you can skip it but if you’re me – bring on the liquefied candy corn!

Homemade Candy Corn Marshmallows
image source: Bird’s Party

Making your own marshmallows is a lot of work but the level of joy I get just thinking about these candy corn marshmallows from Bird’s Party in a mug of hot chocolate is astronomical. Ooh, or candy corn marshmallow s’mores!

Candy Corn Hot Chocolate on a Stick
image source: Your Home Based Mom

Speaking of hot chocolate, these candy corn hot chocolate on a stick from Your Home Based Mom would make adorable party favors. Since they’re made with candy melts, they will taste more like white hot chocolate. If you’re a candy corn fan (raises hand) you can throw some on top with the marshmallows.

Candy Corn Layers Cake
image source: Joann’s

The candy corn colored icing layers on this cake from Joann’s looks impressive but would be fairly simple to accomplish.

Ombre Candy Corn Cake
image source: Rose Bakes

If your piping skills need some work, this Ombre Candy Corn Cake from Rose Bakes is even simpler to achieve.

Cheese Bread Candy Corn
image source: Hungry Happenings

If you need a break from all the sweet treats, this Cheese Bread Candy Corn from Hungry Happenings should hit the spot. I could totally see myself making some “candy cornbread” in that adorable Wilton pan myself!

Candy Corn Pretzels
image source: The First Year

For a sweet and salty mix, we turn to candy melts again to make these Candy Corn Pretzels from The First Year.

Payday Caramel Corn
image source: Shugary Sweets

This Payday Caramel Corn from Shugary Sweets offers a lot of sweet with a little salt to keep it from being over the top. Candy corn mixed with peanuts is often called “Payday Mix” (and it does indeed taste like the candy bar). I’m a big fan of Fiddle Faddle (caramel corn mixed with peanuts) so I assume I’d like the addition of candy corns as well.

Candy Corn Fondue
image source: Real Housemoms

If I’ve learned anything over the years on Pinterest it’s that melted down candy corn is the basis for anything homemade Butterfinger. So, why the heck not melt them down and use it as a dip? That’s just what Real Housemoms created with this Slow Cooker Candy Corn Fondue.

Mini Candy Corn Pinata Cake Pop Cones
image source: Lady Behind the Curtain

There are so many delicious layers to these Mini Candy Corn Pinata Cake Pop Cones from Lady Behind the Curtain. Tasty cake pops made with candy corn frosting. Dipped in candy corn candy melts. And placed on top of a mini cone filled with surprise mini candy corns!

Candy Corn Pizza Cookie
image source: Munchkin Munchies

I admit. I was totally drawn to the Candy Corn Pumpkin Cookie Pizza from Munchkin Munchies because of the cute little googley eyes. It would be a really cute dessert without it, but it’s absolutely “squee” worthy with the face.

Edible Candy Corn Shotglasses
image source: Simplistically Living

Every year I try to feature a candy corn alcoholic beverage. This year, I found a candy corn drinking vessel. Simplistically Living has filled their Edible Candy Corn Shot Glasses with candy corn whip (yum) instead of booze. But, I bet you could add a little something boozey to the whip and these would turn out similar to pudding shots (yum again).

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