Insta-Friday #179

My week(s) in iPhone photos and video.

Pug Pillow ThroneOnce in a while, when I sit up in bed for some reason Pug will swoop in and make himself a pillow throne. And then be totally put out when I want my pillows back and move him.

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This poor little Puggy just can’t catch a break. He started having a bad flare-up in his back. Walking all hunched and wobbling all over the place like he was drunk.

He started another round of Prednisone (along with daily Gabapentin) and that seems to have calmed things down. He’s still slightly unsteady but I don’t think anything will make him 100% at this point.

The vet and I did discuss starting another type of therapy like cold laser, or acupuncture, and I am on the lookout for a back/leg brace that will assist him in walking.

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Watching the debate with mommy. Even Pug is looking a little concerned!

Great Dane Osteosarcoma bone cancer

Some of you may remember that a few months ago my mom’s great dane Alexa was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Because of her breed and the location of the tumor (on her ankle) she was not a candidate for amputation or chemo.

She had done extraordinarily well up until a few weeks ago when the tumor really began to grow exponentially, eventually getting bigger than a softball and effecting more of her leg and paw.

Last week our vet said it was time, and helped Alexa peacefully pass over the rainbow bridge with myself and my mom by her side.

Food Truck Festival Pug dog backpack

Our town had a small food truck festival so I took Pug for his first real outing in the K9 Sport Sack (this is my referral link which will get you 15% off). It worked out really well! I’ll have a full review coming up later this month.

We were able to park further away and hike to the event, then stood around or in line for over an hour and Pug was snug as a bug. He was also quite the center of attention which he loved. Once we sat down to eat and watch the band I popped him out and he was good to go because he hadn’t expended any energy getting there!
Pug sneer

Nothing, and I mean nothing, amuses me more than when Pug wakes up and his lip is stuck in a little sneer.
Pug Drumstick thigh

Little drumstick peeking out, squee!