Insta-Friday #180

Well, this past month has certainly been a whirlwind. For most of October I was dealing with severe fatigue (related to Crohn’s or possible RA or maybe some new ailment I’m not even aware of yet). Having a bit of Halloween fun. The elation of the Cubs finally winning the World Series. And then a pretty dramatic case of election depression and fear for my life and others.

So, let’s catch up. This is my first step into returning to work and a bit of normalcy. Or at least the new normal.

Tongue Out Pug

The light of my life.

Cat in Flower Pot

Van Gogh, our resident stray’s favorite place to sleep (until it got too cold). We’ve since built a proper feral cat shelter and he along with our other two ferals are going to be fixed and ear-tipped after Thanksgiving. I’ll probably do a blog post about the process soon.

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World Series bound! Not pictured – me screaming and vigorously gesturing my W Flag at a passing car.

Pug Halloween Trick or Treaters

Lil pumpkin head waiting to hand out candy bars!

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I posted this before Game 7. I didn’t have to wait as long as many for this day to come, but I wanted to show how much the Cubs have been a part of my life – yes, even when they sucked!

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And then this happened.

Pug Cubs World Series Parade Live Stream

I would have loved to have driven up to Chicago just to be in the city for the World Series parade, but I was still sick. And it was a madhouse.

So we watched the WGN Livestream, with my grandpa’s 1962 bobblehead I found in my grandma’s attic this spring.

Pug I Voted StickerThe calm before the storm. When I was still really excited about life.

Pug in a blanketAnd this is pretty much how I spent the last couple of weeks.
I’m scared. For me, because my life quite literally depends on the Affordable Care Act.

For women. For minorities. For the disabled. For the LGBT community. And unfortunately, a lot of those fears have proven not to be unfounded.
So, while I’m not turning into a political blogger by any means, you will likely see more political posts on my social media. I’ve always had a rule that I don’t talk about politics on this platform, unless it’s more about human rights than politics (like with Marriage Equality). Sadly, those rights are being tested already.

I’ve made my decision not to be silent or stay “neutral” when the lives and rights of our friends are at stake. I hope you’ll stand with me. I’m trying to stop getting sad, and instead getting motivated.