Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers 2016

Still on the lookout for the perfect gift for your fellow pet parent? I’ve got some amazing gift ideas for your friends and family that are just as dog obsessed as you are.

Bake a Bone Treat Maker
image source: Amazon

I don’t know about you, but I’m a total sucker for silly As-Seen-On-TV products. Even when they’re a little ridiculous and a definite uni-tasker, like this Bake a Bone dog treat maker. But come on! How fun would this be? And what are the holidays for if not buying people unnecessary things they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves? Plus, it actually gets really good reviews on Amazon.

Best Friends Matching Pet Charm
image source: Emily McDowell

Do you remember going to Claire’s to pick out the perfect Best Friends necklace for you and your junior high BFF? Well, now you can recreate the feeling with your best fur friend! You wear one half of the Best Friends Pet Charm on a necklace, and your pet wears the other half on their collar. I follow artist Emily McDowell on Instagram and as soon as I saw her post these months ago I knew they were going to be at the top of my gift guide!

Skechers BOBS for Dogs
image source: Skechers

Adorable shoes for a good cause! Not only do BOBS by Skechers  donate shoes to kids in need, they also donate part of their proceeds to Best Friends Animal Society. Their BOBS for Dogs line features some amazing dog and cat designs (I’m partial to the pug pattern, naturally) as well as shoes featuring the Best Friend’s logo. And despite their simple construction, BOBS are quite comfortable because they have a squishy memory foam sole.

I actually already know I’m receiving a pair of the pug BOBS for my birthday on the 18th, and I can’t wait to start rocking them!

Bunch of Dogs Welcome Mat
image source: theCHEEKYdoormat

The first time I saw this welcome mat shared on Facebook, I laughed and laughed. Because it is too real. It’s also like, exactly my way of speaking.

I know many of you can relate. Especially if you’re involved in rescue. This lets people know right away – there’s like, a bunch of dogs in here (they also have a cat version). If you’re not cool with that… buh bye.

Also a nice warning to delivery men or solicitors. If you knock, it’s gonna get loud.

If I Can't Bring My Dog I'm Not Going Shirt
image source: Look Human

Oh… you mean some people go places that aren’t pet friendly? Sounds terrible.

This design is available in a range of shirt styles, and let’s everyone know that you’re in a codependent relationship with your dog and you’re not trying to fix it.

Matching Bow Tie Headband and Dog Collar Set
image source: All You Need is Pug

And if you’re loved ones don’t like to leave the house without their canine companion, I’ll bet they’re the type that would appreciate matching accessories! This Bow Tie Headband and Matching Dog Collar set from All You Need is Pug fits the bill.

Pug K9 Sport Sack dog carrierDo you know someone that’s fantasized about putting their dog in a baby carrier so they can tote them around wherever they go? Fantasize no more. The K9 Sport Sack* is exactly what you’re looking for, and it’s ergonomically designed for you and your pooch.

Because of my prolonged illness, I haven’t gotten a chance to write up my full review, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include it here because it would be an absolutely AMAZING gift for your dog-obsessed loved one. It’s great for small dogs that can’t walk far, senior dogs, disabled dogs, or for taking your dog on public transit.

*Referral link. You get 15% off, and I earn a $5 credit.

Pug Key Cover

I bought myself one of these Love My Breed key covers this summer from a local shop, and I think they would make a great stocking stuffer. They come in 12 different breeds and are actually quite handy for quickly finding your house key on your key chain. I’ve linked from Amazon but I actually paid much less locally, so check with your independent pet stores!

Custom Pet Saint Prayer Candle
image source: Go Saint Yourself

Apologies in advance is this is sacrilegious, but I thought these Custom Pet Prayer Candles were hilarious and ridiculously cute. Send them a picture of a pet, and they will turn them into a Saint on their very own prayer candle. This is definitely a gift no one would see coming!

Ask Me About My Dog Sweatshirt
image source: Modcloth

The “Fur Our Conversation” sweatshirt. For the lady in your life that is looking for any excuse to show you the latest cell phone photos of her dog.

Origami Dog Necklace
image source: Glorikami Studio

These origami dog necklaces ship from Thailand, so they’d have to be a belated holiday gift. BUT, so worth it in my opinion. They offer 68 breeds or variations, so you should be able to find one that fits any dog lover. They’re such unique, pretty pieces, and at a reasonable price point.

That’s it for 2016! If you need more inspiration, check out my previous gift guides for dog lovers. And if you’re looking for ideas for what to get your dogs for the holidays, check back next week for my annual Gift Guide for Dogs and Giveaway.

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