Seed Starting Essentials

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Some of my most popular posts on the blog are my gardening posts, especially those involving seed starting and garden journaling. But, all of the posts were written separately and may not be easy to find in order. So I’m compiling them here to create a one-stop-shop for everything you will need to start your seeds indoors and plan your garden. It may be January, but depending on your climate zone the time to start planning is now!

Plan Ahead

Garden Journal Printables

The first step in your seed starting journey begins with my Garden Journal Printables. Here you can plan out what you want to plant, what seeds need to be started indoors and when they need to be started. I also have links to my favorite garden planning sites and the Farmer’s Almanac climate zone locator.

Newspaper Seed Pots

DIY Newspaper Seed Pots

There are lots of options for seed starting containers on the market. But, if you want a cheap and green option DIY newspaper seed pots are the way to go. When you’re ready to plant your seedlings, you plant the whole newspaper pot which will biodegrade into the soil.

Indoor Seed Starting

Seed Starting Newspaper Seed Pots

When the time comes, based on your climate zone, it’s time to sow the seeds into your newspaper pots. This post covers the planting process and after care while the seedlings grow indoors.

Thinning Seedlings

Thinning Seedlings Newspaper Seed PotsWhen you initially plant your seeds, you plant more than you’ll ultimately need. So after a few weeks it will be necessary to thin your seedlings by choosing the healthiest plant and discarding the rest.

Transplanting and Direct Sowing

Square Foot Garden Progress

Using your Seed Starting Log, you’ll determine the appropriate time to either transplant your seedlings or sow seeds directly into your garden. In this older post I transplant my newspaper seed pots into a container garden (perfect for small yards or patios). In this more recent post I direct sow several varieties into a Square-Foot Garden.

Documenting with a Garden Journal

DIY Garden Journal

Using your Garden Journal Printables and photos, you can create a functional and beautiful Garden Journal.

More Gardening Posts

DIY Bamboo Trellis

Want more tips beyond seed starting? I have instructions on creating a Bamboo Trellis for vines to climb in small spaces.

DIY Compost Bin Rubbermaid Tote

And a Cheap and Easy Compost Bin for creating rich soil plant’s love.

You can also find every gardening related post under the Lifestyle tab at the top of the page.

Happy Gardening!