Insta-Friday #184

My health has been shaky lately, so lots of pugs in bed pics the past couple of weeks. But, that’s what most people are here to see anyway right? Pugs being cute. Let’s catch up!

Pugs laying on PugPug is still adjusting to the idea of having a little bro. I’m just happy they’re touching!

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Meanwhile I’m adjusting to the sounds of stereo snores at night. Luckily after 8 years as a pug owner I have largely learned to tune it out. In fact, I get nervous and have to check to see if Pug is breathing if he’s too quite.

 Pugs watching me pee I’m not used to having a dog follow me in to the bathroom quite like this! I guess he thought I needed company…or supervision?

Pug, Pugs and Molly with March Barkbox

We won a BarkBox at a recent #PugChat on Twitter and everyone was super excited to dig in. Pugs is thoroughly obsessed with the little sushi toy and the geta (Japanese sandal). The sandal’s base is one big squeaker plus crinkly plastic which he adores.

Molly, Pug and Pugs Cubs gear opening day

Baseball is back! And for the first time in my 31 years my team are the defending champs. It’s a weird (but good) feeling! Go Cubs go!

Pug and Pugs black & white cuddle

More cuddles. Makes my day/night whenever they position themselves like this without any gentle nudging from me.

Pugs chewed up marker

Pugs had been gnawing away on something for a few minutes when I realized that it sounded a lot more plastic-y than his chew bone. He found a marker somewhere on the floor and was happily chewing it up on my freshly washed bedding! Luckily it’s a washable marker and not a Sharpie, and clearly very dried up and old so not a ton of ink came out.

Pug and Pugs playing nurse on sick day

After a busy day of doctor’s appointments, light errands (including voting in local elections!) and getting stuck in traffic, I was wiped. The only thing that got me out of bed was taking care of my boys. But they were happy to provide moral support the rest of the day.

Pugs and Pug laying head to feet

Oh Pugs, it’s very cute that you and Pug are laying head to foot, but you’re very much in the “danger zone” here!