Shopping Thrifty

I love Thrift Stores. I love finding random items I never knew I had to have.

My current mission is to find a cute, vintage suitcase to create one of these adorable craft cases:

Found here

If you’re not a veteran thrift store shopper, there are a few things I recommend: 

Of course, my lucky pugs weren’t so lucky today. I struck out on suitcases, even after visiting two Goodwill and two Salvation Army stores on both sides of the river. I guess they transferred their luck to my friend Katie, who scored some great new t-shirts and this beauty:

Only $25!

And best of all, it fit in the back of the car. Phew.

I didn’t leave totally empty-handed though. I found this Risk game in great condition, for only $1.99.

 If you’re a board game fanatic like I am, you must check out your local Salvation Army store! I’d say about 90% of my board games (and I have a lot) came from Salvation Army – they always have all the pieces and are in awesome shape.

This one didn’t even have all the pieces punched out. Score!

Alas, the search for an old suitcase continues. If you know of any resource I’m not exploiting (thrift stores, yard sales), please let me know!