Pug is That Guy (AKA: The Story of Pug)

You know the one. He makes himself entirely too comfortable in other people’s homes.

I’ve been pet sitting at a family friend’s house for the past week, and since we’re codependent Pug needs me, I took him along. I was hoping he’d be comfortable there since it was a long drive back home. Clearly, I need not worry myself about that.

It’s cool guys, I can sleep somewhere else.

Within approximately 45 seconds, Pug had acclimated himself to the new digs and was making himself right at home.

This bed, it pleases me.
Pug is (half) blind and Ike is deaf. They’re a perfect match.

I guess it shouldn’t come as any huge shock. You see, Pug came to us about 3 1/2 years ago on Thanksgiving. My mom found him wandering outside and brought him in to save him from getting hit by a car. We thought he must have just been lost, so we stuck a sign in the yard and went about our day with our new guest.

My first pic of Pug – we stuck him in the Great Dane cage, and he screamed.

It became clear pretty quickly that for a lost dog, this pug was remarkably unfazed. Once free from the kennel and allowed on the couch, he pretty much thought he owned the place already.

This couch will do.

The next day we took him to the vet for a micro-chip scan and called all the local rescues and animal control, to no avail. We posted online ads, left our sign up, but no one ever came looking for the dog we called Pug.After a month, when my mom came home and said “look at the sweater I got for the pug”, I knew he wasn’t going anywhere. And I’m sure glad he didn’t.

Our 2nd Pugversary