Pug Life: Separation Rage

Have you seen this meme? Because I live it.

Although, as the title suggests, what Pug suffers from is not so much anxiety as it is pure, unadulterated rage. The idea that I’d leave his side for even a second causes him to lose his mind

My boyfriend and I disagree on how many sets of blinds we’ve gone through in the past year. I say this is the third, he says it’s the fourth. Regardless, it’s clear that when Pug is in the midst of a rage blackout, he is bent on destruction.

Enter the kennel. Yes, it’s pink. Pink was on sale. Do not judge me.

Pug must be contained any time we wish to leave the house, even if it’s just for a moment. Pug, does not enjoy this. In the kennel, we get to experience another variation of Pug rage: the pug scream.

If you’re not familiar with a pug scream, there is really no way to accurately describe it. I can only assume that pug’s vocal chords are more developed than other breeds of dogs. When they voice their displeasure the sound is something akin to an alien creature being brutally murdered.

Think I’m exaggerating? I leave you with this.