Insta-Friday #3

My week in iPhone photos.

Parsley, Basil and Mint from my patio garden.
Passion of the Popcorn. 
Any day that starts with a perfectly executed wing liner on the first try, is bound to be a good day. And it was! Lunch and shopping with mom. 

Finally repainted my toenails. They were looking super haggard. And yeah, I still wear my flip-flops even when my polish is chipped.Talk to me about real shoes in November. 
Monday morning brunch. Because, why not? Sometimes, you just want a ridiculous breakfast on a weekday.
I NEVER win anything on scratch-off tickets (not that I play all that often). But, Jason brought home these Cubs scratchers for me and I won $10 on the first set. He turned them in and brought me two more, and I won 14 big ones!
I see no reason why we need to tell your father about this.
Table for one: having lunch in between appointments. I always thought I could never eat at a restaurant alone, and then I commuted to college and learned that I either had to eat alone or starve. Now, it’s no big thing. And actually kind of nice, sometimes.
I’m about to google eye ALL the things. #VandalEyes Thanks Dollar Tree!
life rearranged