Insta-Friday #5

My week in iPhone photos. Lots of food photos this week… I guess I ate well!

“Date Night” with my best friend. I guess I could call it girls night, but that sounds a lot wilder than what we get up to… which is getting dolled up for dinner and a walk through Target. Two wild and crazy gals, us.

Speaking of Target, check out my new hat for lounging by the pool.

I’ve been slacking about brushing Pug’s teeth regularly. You can see here why; he’s not a big fan.

My mom was stuck at work, so I was on foster puppy duty.

You know it’s summer when the Tropical Sno stands start popping up around town. They’re all over around here, and I can eat them every day. Yum.

A couple friends and I went to Cherokee Street in St. Louis for Mexican food, and it was so hot, I couldn’t pass up this strawberry paleta at La Vallesana. I want to go back soon to try more flavors, particularly mango!

While we were on Cherokee we picked up a bottle of this Sangria soda for Jason. It’s one of his faves, and Shop n Save stopped selling it in their Mexican section! If you can find it, give it a try. It tastes like sweet sangria, minus the bite since there’s no wine.
My first harvest is approaching! You can find out more about my patio garden here and here.
Someone’s daddy was sneaking him french fries.
life rearranged