I found out about Insta-Friday from Meg Duerksen at Whatever, and I was instantly (no pun intended) intrigued. It’s the perfect way to post all those random cell phone pics I take throughout the week but don’t fit in any particularly post. 

Most of them are Pug pics, but luckily I named this blog Pug Life, so it works.

So, here we go! FYI: I have Instagram but don’t use it anymore, after purchasing Camera+ from the App Store. It’s got most of the same borders and effects, but much much more!

His daddy said Pug smelled too “doggy”, so in to the bath he went.

You want to freak Pug right out? Get in the bed (which he can’t reach on his own) and play with his toy. 
All the Rally’s (aka Checker’s) closed up around here. My doctor is in the same town as one, and I can’t resist when I’m out that way!

My mom found a litter of five kittens in her yard. She took them in and has been bottle feeding them. Stray Rescue of St. Louis is taking them in and they’re going to a new foster home this weekend. SR is an amazing organization, my mom frequently fosters puppies for them. If you’re in the St. Louis area definitely check them out!

My friend Katie and I went to Golden Corral today for lunch. Mostly because we saw on TV that they have cotton candy for summer. Worth it? Yes.
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