Dog Day Afternoon

This past Saturday, I spent the afternoon at Stray Rescue of St. Louis
for their annual Adopt-a-Thon.
Like a lot of the country, St. Louis is in the midst of a major heat wave. So, the event turned into a sort of a doggy pool party.
Could this girl be any happier?
That is the face of a satisfied dog.
Besides the baby pools, staff members also hosed down the asphalt to keep paws from getting burned, and the tents had misters attached. Notice the rainbow? 🙂
Hummus is one of my mom’s foster puppies, and has made a couple of previous appearances on Pug Life. He and his siblings were a big hit at the adopt-a-thon, and will hopefully be moving to forever homes soon.
Despite the heat, this was such a fun event. It’s so nice for the shelter dogs to be able to get out and mingle with the other dogs and meet lots of potential families. If you can leave a Stray Rescue event without being infinitely happier, you’re doing something wrong. I have been lax about getting down to the shelter to volunteer lately, and I need to change that. It makes such a positive impact on my life, and theirs.