Insta-Friday #6

My week in iPhone photos.

My first tomato harvest from my patio garden.
Last Friday we went to Cheesecake Factory for a belated 2nd anniversary dinner. The lighting was terrible, but here’s my chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake. Ridiculously rich, but so good.
While we were at the Galleria, Jason surprised me by taking me to Coach to pick out a present.
I picked a new wallet, since my current one is literally bursting at the seams. I am absolutely in love with the quilted pattern. I made sure to tell him I wouldn’t be mad if he got me this style in a purse for Christmas.
I did a post about my day at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, but here is a little summary, since all the photos were taken with my iPhone. My mom had brought along her new Canon T3i, only to realize she left the memory card in her laptop!
Monday, I picked my first two cucumbers.
Then, on the fourth I used my homegrown vegetables to make a salad. It was such a thrill to get to leave tomatoes and cucumbers off my grocery list… yeah, I’m easily amused.
I also put my mint to good use and made mojitos. Yum. I bought so much fresh fruit at the grocery store this week, I definitely see some fresh fruit mojitos in my future!
I got way too excited when I saw that Arthur was “Recently Added” on Netflix streaming. I started watching this show in grade school and I watched it for years, even in high school. I still enjoy it!

The weather is disgusting but at least we have good eating during the Summer.

Scrunch face. Pug likes to use his stuffed animals kind of like a pacifier. It seems like he can barely breathe, but it stops his snoring.

life rearranged