Insta-Friday #7

I NEED these leopard wedges from Target. Need.
New pillow fabric. The chevron kind of makes everyone dizzy, but I wasn’t willing to give it up. I’ve instructed everyone to only look at them with their peripheral vision. 🙂
Neon pink toes.
I’ve been eyeing these plastic produce containers at Target for a while, waiting for the Summer merchandise to go on clearance. They finally went 50% off and now they’re mine!
Perfect for picking cherry tomatoes from the garden.
Are you proud of what you’ve done here?
Didn’t think so.
Dark skies, thunder and lighting, but still no rain.
Sorry, lawn.
I want ALL the trees!
 I haven’t been to Garden Ridge in a really long time, since they stopped selling craft stuff and focused on home decor. Only, it seems they’ve transitioned from home decor to a bizarre mishmash of cheap crap. I give you Exhibit A.