Insta-Friday #10

Ok, I’m totally cheating by only posting Insta-Friday posts lately, but I hope to start a new DIY project this weekend that I’m really excited to feature. Until then, here is my last couple of weeks in iPhone photos.

We have an unusually high number of amphibians in our yard. This guy thought he was going to make himself welcome in my house. Don’t think so, Toad.
If Pug doesn’t have a bed to lay on, he will find something and make a nest. Usually it’s a piece of dirty laundry. Since he likes laying on these pajama pants, Jason decided to put them on him.
Pug put in a long day of work and he could not handle it.
 Oh, hey Isaac.
Pug toofs!
 I made this treat at work. My chocolate (actually carob) dripped and made it look like I’m really unenthusiastic about this dog’s birthday.
Radar said the area was totally clear, but I have my doubts about its accuracy.
Subway creeper
Frog leg!
life rearranged