Insta-Friday #11

Giving back, by giving blood.
Saw this at the auto-parts store. Fight breast cancer and muggers!
This is Petunia. She was one of three pugs at work today. I wanted to sneak her out in my bag. She was too dang cute!
We went to Olive Garden for dinner. I got the never ending pasta bowl. This is as much as I could finish of my first bowl.
The waitress laughed at me.
I still feel like I won though, because a regular order of fettuccine alfredo costs more for the same size.Who’s laughing now!
My tomato plant hasn’t had a bug on it all summer. Of course, it also hasn’t had any tomatoes. Now that the heat has broken and we’ve gotten rain, it’s got a few blooms. And this jerk caterpillar.
Enjoying my peppers?
I woke up this morning with my head resting on only the bottom few inches of my pillow. When I sat up, I realized why.
life rearranged