Insta-Friday #13

My week in iPhone photos. Instagram: ThisPugLife

Lots of pics this week!

Pug hoarding his toys.

Watching Kung Fu Panda 2 in the park. This picture is also a great example of how cool social media is. A person liked it on Instagram, I went to their profile and saw that they actually work at Dreamworks. Neat! /dork

Free glow bracelets

Work buds. Pug and Honey.

First time having the window open in months. Pug couldn’t handle the outdoor noises.

New Coach Legacy purse courtesy of the BF. Love him.

And love this bag, just a tad.

Sad day. Didn’t get to use the pool nearly as much as I would have liked since my finger injury.

Yet another frog in my deck box!

Little too much fresh air, we froze Pug out.

In honor of my Fall Fashion Challenge I put in a little effort before work. Look better, feel better.

Speaking of fashion, these might be part of why all my pants are tight…

life rearranged