Insta-Friday #17

My week in iPhone photos. Follow me on Instagram: ThisPugLife

This is the reaction I get when I tell Pug he isn’t allowed on the bed. I’m well trained.


I’ve been advised not to run on my bad ankles, but I’m still working through Zombies, Run! on walks with the dogs. Probably a little less exciting, but still fun!


After seeing this I realized I really needed to go get Molly her own bed.


Really guys? Really?


Playing with Halloween makeup looks. I think this is what I’m going with for Halloween night for trick-or-treaters.


If ever there was a perfect image for “this pug life”.


Pug crashed hard after the Pug Party.


Sometimes I like to treat myself with these single pieces of cake from the grocery store. But, when they have bits of writing on them I always wonder who ordered it and why they didn’t pick it up.


This is one of my mom’s foster puppies, St. Francis. He has to be one of the oddest mix of breeds I’ve ever seen. Those fat stumpy legs and long body sure do look like Basset Hound to me!


His daddy is out of town on business, and Pug is taking full advantage of the extra pillows.

life rearranged