Garden Journal Printables: Pest and Disease Log

pest and disease log imageLast week I shared my first Garden Journal Printable, a Seed Starting Log for those of us who start our seeds indoors. This week, I worked on another printable for my journal that I hope won’t get very much use – a pest and disease log.

I haven’t had a lot of issues in the past with my container vegetables, but it’s something I want to have on hand if any problems arise. Surely, having a written history to refer back to will be much more efficient than thinking “hm, I think I’ve seen this bug in the past… what was it that I did? Did it even work?”

pest and disease log image2

I am having a lot of fun with this project, and I haven’t even gotten to the fun part of actually creating the journal itself! I’ve been either busy or under the weather the past week so I’ve got a monumental trip to Michael’s coming my way in the very near future.

Click below for the PDF file. Happy Gardening!

Pest and Disease Log Printable



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