Insta-Friday #34

It’s weeks like these that I am very grateful for Insta-Friday. While it’s been a slow blogging week, my ever-present iPhone camera has been with me, creating a snapshot of my life this week.


This little girl visited us at work on Saturday. We were having a raw feeding seminar, and she sat through the whole hour, even with multiple dogs running around! I’ve never seen a hairless cat in person before. She didn’t feel at all like I expected! Almost like velvet.


Pug Belly

Pug is ready and in position for some belly rubs.



Now, the same photo zombified for the mid-season premier of The Walking Dead. I think Pug looks like a pretty legit zombie. If I was going to have a zombie pet it would definitely be a zompug.



Sorry Panda Express fans, but I’m going to have to say that the best thing about this restaurant is their cute logo (vandaleyes-ed by me). The guys love it and I just don’t get the appeal. The only thing I’ve tried that’s decent is the orange chicken.



Pug trying to gain access to the bed by looking cute.



Lots of new seeds for my garden this year. I love the packaging.



Valentine pupcakes I made at work.



Pug walked around the yard today with this stick caught in his harness. I have no idea how he didn’t notice.



Had to pick up some Valentine treats for my babies.




life rearranged