Insta-Friday #36

My week in iPhone photos.


Every morning when Pug drags himself out of bed he has to do his pug yoga. I finally had my camera ready to catch him in action.



Pug had his first seizure in over 6 months this past Sunday. It was a good run, his last couple have been about 6 months apart. They were 3-4 months apart before that. Luckily, his seizures are pretty mild and he perked up immediately afterwards, feeling good enough to eat 2 baby carrots and kill his hedgehog.

My late pit/lab mix Hershey had very frequent, grand mal seizures. He was heavily medicated but we ended up losing him at 6.

I have no idea how I ended up with back-to-back epileptic dogs.



Since Pug was having a rough day and I wasn’t feeling hot either, I let him spend some time in the big bed with me.



These lung crisps are a new product we got at work to sample. The dogs love them, but they are so completely disgusting I can’t even stand to look at them. Sorry dude, we aren’t buying any of these for home!



Boxing up a dozen pupcakes for a doggy birthday.



We went to see Book of Mormon last night.  We were supposed to go last Thursday, but because of snowmageddon we had to exchange our awesome seats for crappy seats another night. Still, it was an awesome show, even if I did get dizzy from being up that high!



Waiting in traffic. Pretty nice view.

life rearranged