St. Louis Earth Day Festival 2013

St. Louis Earth Day Festival

The St. Louis Earth Day Festival is held in Forest Park the Sunday before Earth Day. This year was a particularly beautiful day for it; sunny and temps in the mid-60s.

The festival has a lot to offer and definitely isn’t only for the super “crunchy” set. You can find info on anything from electric cars, healthy pet treats and organic gardening.

And, if we’re being honest, the biggest draw for me is probably the earth day cafe. It was here, two years ago, that my love affair with falafel began.

St. Louis Earth Day Festival

Falafel WrapWe meet again old friend.


If you complete the Earth Day Challenge, you get to choose a prize. I picked up this floor cleaner.


I’m always on the lookout for a good cleaner that is safe for hardwood. This one is all natural, made locally, and smells nice and minty! I’m almost excited to clean the muddy paw prints from my kitchen floor. Almost.

If anyone is familiar with this brand, let me know what you think!


St. Louis Earth Day Festival

 There is always plenty of Earth Day swag to be had. I ended up with a portable food bowl from Purina, some lettuce seeds, wild flower seeds, a pine tree sapling from Origins and a reusable tote from Nature’s Own. I am a firm believer that you cannot have too many tote bags.

St. Louis Earth Day Festival Fair-Trade scarves for sale.



 I bought a yellow one made in Nepal.


St. Louis Earth Day Festival

I wish all events had such thorough waste stations.


Louie Lightning Bug


Pug sighting!


St. Louis Earth Day Festival

Story time.


Forest Park St. Louis Forest Park St. Louis

Nice views of Forest Park on the way back to the car.

How did you celebrate Earth Day?