Stray Rescue of St. Louis Farm Dog Block Party

On Saturday, Stray Rescue hosted their first annual Farm Dog Block Party. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to take Pug along for the festivities.

pug eating pizzaAbout to enjoy some pizza from the Pi on the Spot food truck.

pug in a chairOkay, so I didn’t share my pizza with him, but he did snack on some tasty ice cubes.

pug and great dane puppyBaby Great Dane.

dogs in waterAs nice as it was, the sun heated up the asphalt quick. These dogs found a parking lot pond to stay cool.

husky laying in waterNot moving.

city seeds urban farm Touring the City Seeds Urban Farm.

city seeds urban farm

city seeds urban farm

city seeds urban farm

city seeds urban farm I don’t know how many crows this thing scares away, but it was definitely creepy to me.

pug boston terrier mix

pug and pug boston terrie mix

pug and pug boston terrier mixSmoosh face friends.

beagle begging for pizzaPatiently waiting on some Pi.

dog in baby pool

English bulldog in baby pool

pug laying downAt this point we had a “Pug Down” situation, so I figured it was time to head home.

Thanks for another great event, Stray Rescue!