Monthly Obsessions: July 2013

This is the first post in a new series I want to do, highlighting my favorite things of each month (or most months anyway). I have a bit of an obsessive personality, so when I decide I like something, I get really enthusiastic about it. I also really like to talk, so I figured I’d give my family and friends a break and share it with the world instead. My monthly obsessions can come from just about any category you can think of; food, beauty, clothing, pet supplies, electronics and everything in between.

Here is what I’m obsessing over this month:

Starbucks refreshers cans

Starbucks Refreshers. These are canned (obviously) and different than the ones you can get at Starbucks. I was looking for something else at Walgreens when I spotted these. I have never much cared for energy drinks, mainly because I think they taste revolting and they seem pretty bad for you. I was intrigued by these because of the green coffee extract (never heard of it before) and they seemed like a decently healthy alternative. I’m always on the lookout for coffee alternatives for caffeine because as much as I’ve tried to like it, I just hate coffee.

Walgreens had these on sale, so I picked up one of each to try. My favorite flavor is the Strawberry Lemonade, followed by Raspberry Pomegranate, and then the Orange Melon. The Orange Melon could have been my fave, but I find that is has the strongest stevia aftertaste. I found that they gave me a mild caffeine boost without making me jittery, and I can be sensitive to caffeine, so that was important to me. Since they were dirt cheap for a limited time, I spent the week popping in and grabbing a few at a time until the sale was over… the number I accumulated is kind of embarrassing…


Costco Light Spinach DipThis is my second container of this Light Spinach Dip from Costco. I can (and have) made a meal out of just this dip with a pile of pita chips. Even though it’s a light dip it doesn’t taste diet-y or fake. It’s just good stuff, and has big chunks of vegetables along with the spinach. I believe the brand is just called Fresh.


EOS Lip BalmsConfession- I can be a total sucker for packaging. I have wanted to try these EOS Lip Balm for a long time, pretty much entirely because the little Easter egg containers are so adorable. But, I held off because they’re a bit pricey and I have no need for more lip products. But, Walgreens (they’re not sponsoring this I swear!) had them on sale so I finally bit the bullet.

And I’m so glad I did! Not only does the packaging make me happy every time I pull it out, the lip balm itself is quite good. It smells and tastes great, and most importantly, I find that it leaves my lips nice and soft long after it’s worn off. A lot of the lip balms I’ve tried tend to make my lips feel drier afterwards, kind of defeating the purpose.

The flavors I have from Left to Right are: Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint. The minty one is probably my favorite because it’s tingly, and I really like to put it on before bed. In the morning my lips feel amazing.

The packaging is also kind of handy, because it’s an odd shape and easy to grab when you’re rummaging around the bottom of your purse.

skull bead braceletsLast up on my obsession list for this month – skulls. I have no idea where this came from. I have never been particularly into them before, but I can’t get enough right now. It started with these skull beads I found at Joann’s (multi-colored) and Michael’s (turquoise). Of all the crafty things I’ve been into over the years, jewelry making has never been one. But, I had to try my hand at it simply to use these adorable beads.

Charlotte Ruse skull necklaceThen I found this necklace from Charlotte Ruse that went perfectly with my new bracelets. 

There is also a skull scarf at Target that I am eyeing, waiting for it to go on sale. The only thing stopping me from owning it already is I never pay full price for anything!

I am kind of nervous I will keep finding adorable skull things I will have to have. How many skull things are too many??

Well, that’s it for July. Check back next month to see what new things I’m obsessing over!

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