Gift Card Loser

I’m a gift card loser. Literally. I love and appreciate receiving gift cards as gifts, but I’m terrible about misplacing them or forgetting I have them. Sometimes I remember I have it; I just keep saving it for something “special” for so long I go years without using it. Thank goodness most places have done away with expiration dates on gift cards.

Once, I was going through some old gift bags in my closet and came across some birthday cards. I figured I’d go through them to make sure I wasn’t throwing anything away and lo and behold I found a $15 gift card to Starbucks. On one hand it was kind of nice, because free stuff! On the other hand, I had almost thrown away free money because I’m absentminded.

This past week I hit an all time low. Generally, when I get Starbucks gift cards (and I usually receive several between my birthday and Christmas) I register them online and transfer all the funds to one card, so I don’t worry about misplacing any (ha). I can also access the money from my phone that way.

This has been the state of my account for a while now – total bummer:

2013-08-20 14.53.52

I was looking longingly at my empty account when I noticed the 2 dots, which generally indicate there are multiple pages available.

starbucks card

So, out of curiosity I swiped the screen. Only to find this:

2013-08-20 14.53.56

A $10 gift card. From Christmas. 8 months ago. I managed to lose a gift card that was on my iPhone. 

While I did feel like a total idiot, I comforted myself with free peach passion tea. It took the sting out, just a bit.

Please tell me I’m not the only one?