Insta-Friday #51

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

Starbucks Inception

Starbucks inception.


ring worm puppies

My mom’s new foster puppies have ringworm. When I let them out for her, I don’t take any chances. Suited up.


pug pacifier

Sometimes I will look over at Pug sucking on a toy like a pacifier, and he’ll sigh contentedly. And I’m like, yeah. I get you.

Gotta get his bed just right.

Frito feet

Frito feet. Have you ever smelled your dogs feet? Because I bet they smell like Fritos. I read it on the internet years ago and thought people were crazy. But, of course I had to take a sniff to find out. And I’ll be darned if wasn’t true.


Pug LoafPug Loaf.


2013-08-28 20.06.36-2

I have to buy one of these for Molly every fall, to make up for all the squirrels she’s stalked over the years but never got to taste.

life rearranged