Insta-Friday #53

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

grumpy persian cat

This cat looked so angry while she was being groomed, I had to take a picture. She immediately started rubbing all over my phone. As it turns out, she’s really sweet, just looks grumpy!


Great Dane bath

My “little” sister Alexa came to visit me at work. Unfortunately for her, it was to get a  bath.


pug pedicure

Pug helping me with my pedi.


They’re doing major construction on this stretch of road. Apparently they hit a beehive in the process. This was really freaky!

Katy Perry Roar

I was closing up the store and about to turn off the music when Roar came on. Instead, I cranked it to 75 and had myself a little singing sesh.

life rearranged