Insta-Friday #55

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideos.

Chug - Chihuahua Pug

Met this adorable Chug (chihuahua and pug mix) at work.


Pug in bedJust another lazy Sunday for me and Pug.


Pug costume measurements

Going all out on a group costume for Pug and his BPFFs. I’m keeping it under wraps until I can reveal the final product.


The downside of having the windows open in the nice fall weather. Pug feels the need to join in whenever the neighbor dogs bark. He doesn’t leave his bed, mind you. But, he wants them to know he’s there.


pug in a blanket

Pug in a blanket.


Pug being his usual pleasant self on the way to work.


red rover flier

I went to Joann’s Fabrics on Friday for costume supplies. It was a really nice day, but there were no clouds and the sun was quite hot. When I pulled in, someone had left their dog in their car without even cracking a window. When I left an hour later, a different car left two dogs in the car with the windows cracked. I know it’s fall, and I know it feels nice outside, but a car baking in the sun gets hot regardless of the time of year! I carry these fliers in my purse and left one on each car. I don’t know if they will get the message, but I can hope.


Pug vs. The Claw. Click here for the extended cuts.

life rearranged