Insta-Friday #56

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

Chicago Cubs Beagle

Fellow Cubs fan at work. Her name is Wrigley and she’s the coolest Beagle around.


Great Dane Treat Thief

Walked in to my mom’s living room and found Alexa trying to hide this bag of Primal nuggets. Busted.


pitiful pug

Pug trying to suck up after I called him a bad boy. He has found a new hobby of knocking my trash can over and spreading the contents all over the floor when I leave him alone. He doesn’t eat any of it, just makes a mess.


My mom’s foster puppies discovered the finest stick in all the land.


Pug Starbucks Puppywhip

Had some time to kill before work, so Pug and I hung out on the patio at Starbucks. Some lady came out and said that Pug was “ugly cute”. The nerve!


foster puppies and pug

Let us love you!

All of my mom’s fosters have always been obsessed whenever they get to see Pug. Pug, not so much.

life rearranged