Sexy Halloween Costumes; You’re Doing it Wrong

It’s October and I’ve been browsing the Halloween section of Pinterest a lot looking for ideas. When you’re a chronic insomniac, you do a LOT of late night pinning. What I’ve come to notice is a really disturbing trend in the women’s costume department. And I don’t mean costumes are getting too risque’ (there are plenty of other people debating that topic),  I mean they’re getting a little too weird. 

Admittedly, I’ve never gotten into the sexy Halloween costume thing. Mainly because I’ve never had the inclination or the figure to partake. That said, some costume themes make logical sense, even if they’re not your thing. Sexy nurse, sexy cheerleader, any number of sexy female superhero types… sure. You know what doesn’t make sense?

Sexy fruit.

sexy watermelon costumeSource:

sexy banana costume


Slightly less sexy and extremely less appetizing, we have sexy foods.

sexy hot dog costume

Source: Flirt Catalog

sexy slice of pizza costume


I especially appreciate the pizza crust collar.

Maybe you’re not into dressing up as food, but you are into ruining childhoods. Costume makers have this market cornered with a vast array of sexy beloved children’s storybook characters.

sexy cinderella costume

Source: Flirt Catalog 

sexy snow white costume

Source: Flirt Catalog

I guess with sexy costumes becoming more and more mainstream, people have to start looking outside the box. You don’t want to show up to the Halloween party and be the 5th sexy black cat. Hence, the sexy hamster.

sexy hamster costume

Source: Flirt Catalog 

It would appear that the idea pool from which sexy Halloween costumes are created is running dry, and they’re definitely scraping the bottom. Remember ladies, Halloween is an acceptable time to wear creepy costumes, but um… maybe not this brand of creepy.