Stray Rescue of St. Louis Spooktacular

There were so many great events going on this weekend for Halloween. I had big ambitions to get up early on Saturday and hit them all, but that didn’t come to fruition. Instead, I slept in and Pug and I chose to attend the Stray Rescue of St. Louis Spookacular event.

Bowser Pug

It turned out to be the right decision. Pug won 3rd place in the costume contest and we won this bed full of goodies! Pug laid claim to all the stuffed toys, and shared the rest with his sister and grandma’s foster puppies.


puppies in costume

Speaking of Pug’s costumes, the foster pups borrowed some of his old costumes for the event. Talik (right) was a lobster, and Tombollo (left) was a jack o’ lantern.

puppies in costume

Talik in particular was obsessed with my camera lens.


dog costume dog costume dog costume dog costume dog costume dog costume dog costume

Lots of doggies in costume.


Randy Grim

Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue and local hero, signing books.


lazy pit bull

I hope some day this big guy can learn to relax.

dog carried like a baby

These Stray Rescue dogs sure do live a rough life, huh?


dog sitting in chair

Yet another example.


mastiff and molly

I think Molly was thinking, “what kind of pug are you??”


mastiff and pug

Mom, little help here!


puppy in costume

Talik getting some love before we headed out.

Thank you to Stray Rescue of St. Louis for another wonderful event!